Caitlin and Jared

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Our Story

Jared joined the same company in Oakland that Caitlin worked at, but the two didn’t meet for some time as they worked in different departments.

One day, Caitlin was advertising a new restorative yoga class she was beginning to teach to coworkers. Jared was pretty stressed generally and had had good experiences with yoga in college, so he expressed interest and asked if Caitlin could give him a ride to the classes, since they were both headed there from the office.

As they started to talk in those car rides and after yoga, they began to bump into each other around town, especially at their mutual favorite sandwich shop, The Lunch Box. That was such a lovely coincidence that they decided to make it a certainty and began planning a lunch by Lake Merritt every week.

Spending time together was so lovely that they began to spend longer and longer together. Impromptu grocery shopping for fancy burgers and grilling after work, staying up late into the evening talking, walking Vira—Caitlin’s dog—together.

One day in particular stands out as an unofficial date. Taking Vira for an all day hike through the forest, pizza for a late lunch, a walk around Lake Merritt, then to downtown Oakland to try and find the best margaritas available, late night gas station snacks, and talking until 5 am. It was the first of three very late nights spent enjoying each others company.

There was only one problem: they were still pretending to be merely friends! One, Jared was worried he’d develop romantic feelings for Caitlin (narrator’s note: those feelings had very much already developed, but Jared didn’t recognize it at the time), so he asked Caitlin, “what does this mean to you? It doesn’t mean nothing to me,” he said. “It doesn’t mean nothing to me, either,” she replied.

Their relationship would quickly take them to Raleigh, North Carolina, for a wonderful first date at a Spanish style tapas restaurant, and eventually to Utah for skiing and national parks, up and down California, the Dominican Republic, and many other adventures together.

Now they live in Fort Collins, Colorado with their crazy dog Vira, their beautiful newborn Elijah, and, at a nearby downtown restaurant, the best frozen margaritas.